Life Insurance and Diabetes

A diagnosis of Diabetes means many new challenges in your life, not the least of which is trying to obtain life insurance. The insurance companies can choose not to insure you, based on your diagnosis or build in an extra premium based on your health. It’s important to work with a seasoned broker who has experience dealing with diabetics. After all, getting insurance as a diabetic is difficult, but not impossible. Knowing the following seven variables insurance companies will consider when determining if you qualify, could mean the difference between insured and uninsured:

1. If the insured is insulin dependent – All things being equal, an insulin-dependent diabetic will pay a higher premium than those who don’t depend on insulin. Insulin dependent diabetes is considered a chronic disease that usually begins in childhood, but it’s not the most common form of diabetes. Insulin dependent diabetics account for only 5% of diabetics in North America.

2. The age when the insured was diagnosed – Younger diabetics are usuallly underwritten more carefully than older diabetics. In fact, diabetics 50 and over with no other health issues can qualify for the same standard rates as non-diabetics.

3. Duration of diabetes – Once diabetes is under control you should work to obtain life insurance as soon as possible, since it can lead to other extraineous health issues that can make it even more difficult to obtain life insurance.

4. Insulin Control – Readings over 9.9 on your A1c Hemoglobin Test (the standard test for measuring insulin control) can spell problems when it comes to qualifying for life insurance.

5. Renal Damage – If you have renal damage as well, applying for insurance will be much more challenging. We can’t stress enough how important it is to apply for life insurance as early into your diagnosis as possible.

6. Height and weight – Traditional insurance is normally unavailable if you’re diabetic and overweight.

7. The Life Insurance Company – Each life insurance company has its own unique underwriting criteria. It’s crucial that your broker be aware of the guidelines from each carrier. It’s also important to add a cover letter explaining your medical history if you are a potential high-risk case.

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  11. Yes – they may qualify for a traditional life insurance policy. There may
    be a rating – i.e. an extra charge due to the diabetes. If the diabetes is
    not under good control or if they have other health issue. They may want to
    consider a Simplified Issue policy which has No Medical Tests and a short
    series of health questions. Your relatives options regarding Simplified
    Issue insurance will be more limited if they are declined first.

  12. Guaranteed Renewable means the coverage can be renewed without a medical.
    Guaranteed Convertible means they can convert to a Permanent plan without a
    medical. This can be very beneficial if the insured of an exisiting Term
    policy has health issues.

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